"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose."
-Bishop T.D. Jakes

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to reality

Spring break is over and i'm not the happiest camper....although I am excited that Easter break is already next week! Spring break was a whirlwind but definitely a fun one! I did a terrible job of taking pictures so i'll just give you some of my highlights from break! (I already did a post of my first two days of spring break so i'll start where I left off!) 
1) I went to happy hour at Cyclone Anaya's with my friends Katie and Lexi and then got pedicures (and drank a lot of wine) with my dad and sister! (Yes, my dad actually enjoys getting pedicures) Then while we were waiting to get pedicures, my dad sent me this lovely text message! 
2) After pedicures, I rode with my sister to her house to pick up Andy (my brother in law) and then went to pick up our friends Jen and Andrew and we all went to dinner and Dave and Busters to celebrate Andy's birthday! I hadn't been in forever and it was SO much fun! 
3) Saturday was a rainy and yucky day, so we resorted to shopping and drinking off course!
4) Saturday night, we went and saw the movie Quartet at the Angelika theatre (it was a cute movie but I was definitely the youngest person there...by like 20 years haha) and then had Mambo Taxis and dinner and Taco Diner! 
1) If you haven't had a dip cone from McDonalds then you need to splurge and try one! 
2) I went to church sunday morning with my parents, ran errands, worked on stuff for Uptown Rustic, then went on a froyo date and do some window shopping at Babies R Us with Christy! (I can't wait to meet her precious little babe in September!!)
3) DELICIOUS dinner Sunday night that my dad made for us....sweet potato fries, ribs, and stuffed poblano peppers! Nommm
4) Monday Gloria's happy hour with Hailey, Kourtney, and Hailey's step dad Todd was so much fun and I drank way too much! Their sangria and happy hour specials are a bad combination! 
1) I worked at my dads office on Tuesday and Wednesday with my motivation being coffee and my new sunglasses from Urban Outfitters! 
2) Spring Break in Dallas is never complete without going to Northpark multiple times, so Kourtney and I went there and did some damage! 
3) On Thursday, I went to lunch with my friend Blaire then we went and saw our friend Taylor's sweet baby boy Walker! 
4) I was a baby hog and would've held this sweet baby all day if I could! 
1) Friday morning came way too early and was our first day at McKinney Trade Days! I love how the Uptown Rustic sign turned out...kinda obsessed! (Check out Uptown Rustic at facebook.com/uptownrustic) Anything can be ordered through our facebook page! 
2) Back to Gloria's I go for happy hour with my sister, mom, and dad after a long day at McKinney Trade Days! We were SO warn out and were in need of some drinks! 
3) That night we had some yummy wine and dinner at Patrizios! 
4) Day two at MTD (Saturday)! I had to hold myself back from buying everything that we were selling! 
1) We celebrated St. Patrick's Day Saturday night with green beers at the Londoner with friends! It was so much fun! 
2) Day three and final day at MTD...seriously so many interesting people there! People were wearing their dogs in a dog version of a baby bjorn...it was SO weird. It was so much fun to see some of our friends that came up and supported us! 
3) My brother texted us this picture (the black and white one on the left) of Jessica Simpson's baby because she looks exactly like I did when I was a baby, so we made this little picstitch (my baby picture is the one on the right)
4) There is a picture in our house somewhere where i'm making this exact face but the picture on the right is the closest one that we could find for now! 

I'm sure you LOVED hearing about all the drinking and eating I did over spring break ;) Hopefully I can get back into blogging regularly now! Happy Tuesday friends :)

xoxo, hannah


  1. Crazy resemblance! You were such a cutie :)

  2. That text conversation you had with your dad reminds me of the ones I have with my mom! Parents can just say the craziest things ;)


  3. Hey girl hey!!!

    I just saw you started following me and happened to be my 1900th follower. I just wanted to stop by, check out your blog and say hello (: