"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose."
-Bishop T.D. Jakes

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Here's a little Pinterest inspiration to get you through the day :) TOMORROW IS FRIDAY, hooray! 

xoxo, hannah

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bachelor: Week 4

Does anyone else think it's weird that they filmed Sean in his boxers from a really awkward angle while he was getting dressed? I mean don't get me wrong...he has a great body and I don't mind looking at it but poor guy...they're like all up in his business! But I guess that's what happens when you agree to be the Bachelor! Anyway, here are some things that stood out to me last night--

  • Watching Sarah at the roller derby date made me want to cry! She is such an inspiration and so sweet! I loved the comment Sean made to her "...or you could just screw it and come hang out with me" (those weren't his exact words but you get the picture)! And seeing AshLee encourage and support her made my heart happy! 
  • Amanda's pride and confidence bit her in the butt on the roller derby date 
  • Tierra is a HOT MESS. "I don't deserve to be attacked" ...I guess I missed something because I never saw anyone physically or verbally attacking her. Girl has got to go!!!
  • Who is Daniella? 
  • I'm confused at to why Selma came onto the Bachelor. That's awesome that she is religious and doesn't want to disappoint her mom but didn't she already disappoint her by coming onto the show? 
  • There were some bad lipstick choices for the rose ceremony...Lesley is gorgeous but the red lipstick is not for her & Amanda actually kind of scared me with her maroon lipstick! 
  • The bloopers at the end were absolutely hilarious! My roommates and I were dying laughing! 
  • My favorites are still AshLee, Sarah, Desiree, and Lesley!
What did you think about the Bachelor last night? 

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday :) ...one day closer to Friday!!

xoxo, hannah

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend has led to an exhausted and lazy Monday (Although, I have a lot to do so I am at at a coffee shop with my friend Rachel trying to get some stuff done)!! For my weekend recap this week I am going to link up with Leeann and Sami

Friday night was spent pre-gaming (I made the best Pink Panty Droppers/Skip and Go Naked drink ever*) at our cottage with friends and then we went out to Northgate (our local bar area) for the night!
//Dress: Nordstrom// Purse: Michael Kors// Cardigan: H&M// Shoes: Nordstrom//

*The Pink Panty Dropper/Skip and Go Naked (Pinterest calls it the Pink Panty Dropper and my family calls is Skip and Go Naked): 6 beers, 1 can of frozen pink lemonade, then fill the empty lemonade can with vodka*

Saturday was one of the most lazy days I have had in a long time (I was preparing myself for going out again that night I guess). I literally stayed in my pajamas laying on the couch with Kourtney, Rachel, and Emeric all day and then went to get sushi and wine with Katie that night! I'm not a huge sushi fan but it was sooooo good! I might be addicted now :) We had a Volcano Roll, Shaggy Dog Roll, and Manhattan Roll! It was soo much food but seriously so delicious! (The picture doesn't do it justice)

//Dress: H&M// Shoes: Tory Burch Flip Flops// Jean Jacket: American Eagle//

After dinner, we headed back to my house and got ready with the girls to go out to Northgate again! It was another great night of course :) 
 //Skirt: Nordstrom// Cardigan: H&M// Cami: Target// Heels: Guess//
Sunday was another lazy day! Katie spent the night, so after she left, I literally laid on the couch with Kourtney and Meghan all day in our pajamas until I got some energy to go and work out with Rachel (even though I wasn't feeling so hot from the night before)!  

I'm glad I got to do some relaxing this week because I know this is going to be a super busy week since I leave to go skiing next week!! It's 79 degrees in College Station right now and 33 degrees in Breckenridge, Colorado (where i'll be next week)! OH and I hope you come back tomorrow for my Bachelor recap :)


xoxo, hannah

Friday, January 25, 2013

I don't have to be me ('til Monday)

I don't have to be me 'til Monday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
I ain't gonna face reality
Three days without punching a time clock
Three nights of goin' non-stop
No work and all play
I don't have to be me 'til Monday

I hope that you started singing this song when you read the title :) 

Anyway, it's a GORGEOUS 79...yes SEVENTY-NINE degrees in Texas today!!! I wasn't expecting this windows down, country music turned up weather in January but i'm not complaining!! It's a great day to be alive :) ....and I can't wait to have a great weekend with friends! 

I hope you all have a perfect weekend and don't forget to come back for my weekend recap on Sunday :)

xoxo, hannah

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I like smiling, smiling's my favorite

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person." -Audrey Hepburn
I really think that laughing and smiling is the BEST medicine, so I decided I would share some random things with you that made me smile or laugh so far this week :) 

-I went and got my nails done with my friend Katie and I LOVE the color! I didn't think I would like it but now i'm kinda obsessed. It's call "Not Just a Pretty Face" by Essie. 
-I got these cobalt blue bad boys at Target!! Andddddd they were $15!!! 
-My best friend/roomie, Kourtney, and I decorated our cute little cottage for Valentines <3
-One of my roomies, Rachel, turned 22 on Wednesday so we celebrated at Ninfa's and then came back to our house for a game night (we played Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples)! It was so much fun to just laugh and hang out with friends! 
-My Hunter Boots finally came in the mail! They're a greyish/black/metallic-y color...aka pewter! I can't wait for it to rain in a few days so I can wear them ;)
 -I have been hearing people talk about these "Tan Towels" so I decided to go and get them at Ulta today because I am feeling very pale right now!! Especially since it was 75 degrees outside today...and it's January! Holy moly! 
-This conversation had 2 of my roomies and I cracking up because our other roomie, Meghan, thought it was normal to put the cup that holds the laundry detergent in the washer with her clothes. I don't know why this made us laugh so much but hey, laughing doesn't hurt ;) 
-Today I got a package in the mail from my sister that contained this note and these hair ties! She clearly misses me ;) And yes, "tinkle toot" is a normal phrase or nickname used in my family...we're weird! 

I hope you're all having a fantastic week and don't forget to stop and smile ;) I'm off to get my butt kicked in zumba! 

xoxo, hannah

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Hannah

1. I always sleep with the fan on...no matter the temperature or time of year. I can't fall asleep unless I have the noise of a fan going. 

2. I love spending time with my family. My parents are extremely supportive & fun and I look up to my brother (27) and sister (24) so much...they mean more to me than they know! 

3. Speaking of family, my brother and sister both got married this year. It was a big year for my family! My brother got married in June in Seaside, Florida and my sister got married in November in Fredericksburg, Texas. I also got the privilege of being the Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding which really mean't a lot! I couldn't ask for a better sister and brother in law to enter our family! 
Seaside, Florida: June 16th, 2012

Fredericksburg, Texas: November 10th, 2012

4. I transferred colleges my second semester of sophomore year. I started off going to a small Liberal Arts Private School, Austin College, and then decided that I wanted to go to a bigger University to get more of the "college experience"...which lead me to Texas A&M University where I am majoring in Communications. 

5. I nanny for some of the cutest kids around. I'm serious...they're all precious and 3 of them are my little cousins! They all have blonde hair and look like me so I always get asked if i'm their mom..."nope, still in college...definitely don't have any kids yet!!"

6. I have a big heart and take things personally sometimes. I seriously hate this sometimes but there's nothing I can do about it I guess. Normally things don't get to me but then again the littlest things can upset me. I'm not normally an emotional person but if you catch me on a bad day then I will go ahead and apologize in advance :) 

7. I am the pickiest person EVER (next to my mom) when it comes to soft sheets. My best friend, Kourtney, can attest to this. It takes me an eternity to find the perfect sheets and I still tend to wash them about 10 times with fabric softener. My sheets on my bed right now are seriously like heaven and I got them for under $30 at TJ Maxx. (I told my mom about them and she went and bought a few sets too...I get this problem from her)

8. I get sea sick and car sick. Another thing my sister and I get from my mom. I don't know what you're really supposed to do about it but take a Dramamine and sleep it off! I even get motion sick sometimes by just swinging on a swing or being in the bathtub too long.

9. I am one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet but sometimes I need alone time to myself. This tends to surprise people but sometimes I just need time to sit in silence and think. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I cherish it! 

10. I am a procrastinator. This is a perfect example. I kept telling myself that I was going to do this link up today and of course I waited until the last minute to do it. 

11. I have met quite a few famous people and have been on TV multiple times. I got to go to a private PR event (I was a PR intern for my brothers company, Expand PR) for the premiere of the show Dallas this summer (Jesse Metcalfe was obviously there and I almost died), I was on the New Adventures of Old Christine, Good Morning America a few times, Martha Stewart, and a few more that i'm having a hard time remember because i'm exhausted! 

12. I love pictures. And my dad never fails to make fun of me about it! I can't help that I love to capture moments and memories with my loved ones :)

13. If I could pick up and move to New York City right now, I would. I would bring my family and best friends with me too, though! I went four times in 2010...clearly a little obsessed! 

14. I LOVE to travel. I tend to plan my next trip in my head the second I get back home from a vacation...I can't help it! My next trip will be to Breckenridge, Colorado in 15 days to go skiing with my family! 
My dad & I in the Grand Cayman Islands: August, 2012
 Seaside, Florida: June, 2012 (This picture says SO much about my family...too bad my dad was already in bed during our late night jam session on the beach)
Vegas: May, 2011 (my sister & brother in law surprised me and we left on my 21st birthday...they are so good to me! It was one of the most memorable weekends of my life)!
 California Wine Country: July 2011 (If you haven't been then it's definitely a must!!)

15. I work on being a better Christian every single day. Yes, I have my mistakes and mishaps but I know that there is always room for improvement..I just need some accountability sometimes! 

16. I am a new blogger...and I honestly don't know what i'm doing most of the time. Like this link up thing...probably did it wrong, oops! But if you follow me, I promise to be entertaining ;)

17. I have a problem with shopping/online shopping. I love getting packages in the mail, so why not online shop more? 

18. I have test anxiety. It is quite possibly one of the most annoying things EVER! 

19. I have the BEST friends in the world. I don't know what I would do without them and I would do anything for them! I'm so lucky to still have best friends from elementary school, middle school, high school, Austin College, and A&M still in my life! 

20. I believe that everything happens for a reason. There have been MANY times in my life that I had a hard time believing this but i'm still a firm believer! 

I hope you enjoyed reading some facts about me and that I didn't bore you too much :) I feel like I left a lot of things out but life is too short to worry about that ;)

xoxo, hannah

My date with Sean Lowe

....haha.....if only :(

As a person obsessed with the Bachelor, I decided that I should start blogging about it weekly! I have literally watched every single season except for the first one. I used to watch it with my mom and sister every week but since i've been in college, i've been watching it with my roommates! 

But let's be honest...who wouldn't want to look at this every week? And he's from Dallas which means I kind of stalk him sometimes...maybe. And this fall I was out in Uptown with friends and found out the next morning that Sean was actually at the same bar as us at one point during the night...I was a little depressed that I didn't get the memo sooner!! 
Now that it is the 3rd week, I have decided who my favorites are so far! 

1) Sarah
  • Her dress was so pretty last night
  • I thought it was precious that he had her dog transported by limo to see her (what a ritzy dog!) and that he cared so much about her being at the house all week without a date. I think he really likes her and knew he was going to give her a rose so he used this week to weed out the others maybe? And that's why she didn't have a date?
  • She's gorgeous, sweet, and I think they look really cute together 

2) AshLee
  • I think it's kind of interesting that she has a capital "L" in the middle of her name...my last name is spelled differently than it sounds so I know how she feels having to always spell her name out...but mine also doesn't have a capital letter smack dab in the middle of it. 
  • Other than that, she is gorgeous and super sweet
  • Their date (poor thing wasn't dress appropriately for an amusement park...someone didn't give her the memo apparently) was absolutely precious and gave me goose bumps...Sean really is a stand up guy and the girls that they brought together to meet were seriously having the time of their lives. SO CUTE!! And Eli Young Band was there too ;) 
  • And seeing Sean cry while they were talking was so sweet...man, I am such a cheese ball. 

3) Desiree
  • She is so down to earth and seems to be fairly low maintenance (unlike Tierra)
  • She looks pretty without wearing much makeup and is very confident in herself
  • I really think that they compliment each other and it seems like they just enjoy each other's company (it almost seems like they have known each other for a long time already)

4) Lesley
  • I'm not sure about Lesley yet...I think I like her but then I second guess it
  • The kissing in front of everyone seemed super awkward but hey, at least they beat a world record? 
  • I think she has solid roots and she seems to be there for the right reason as far as I can tell
  • They also seem to have fun together and seem attracted to each other 

I feel weird picking apart these girls but I guess that's what this recap is for? Also, Tierra is a HOT MESS! I really wanna know if she actually fell down the stairs...it seemed really sketch and she got some one on one cuddle time with Sean. Ugh, I just don't like her but there's always a Tierra on every episode (shout out to Courtney!) Amanda also seems like a hot mess...or just bi-polar. I also don't really see a connection between them! And, why were the girls crying after they lost the volleyball game? Yeah, it's sad that they lost and can't spend more time with Sean, but really? Crying isn't necessary...so dramatic! Oh and poor Kacie B...I thought from the beginning that she was going to be stuck in the "friend zone" and last night it really showed. I was impressed that Sean kind of called her out when she was getting involved in the drama. He is definitely the most down to earth and impressive guy on the Bachelor thus far! (Oh and not to mention SUPER attractive) 

I think that's all for this week :) Of course, I can't wait to be glued to the TV again next Monday night for 2 hours ;) Oh, and i'd love to hear about what you think about the Bachelor!

Check back later today/tonight for my first "link up" ever ;)

xoxo, hannah

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was spent drinking wine, going out with the girls, staying up late, sleeping in, working out, coffee shop relaxing, laughing, doing homework, baking late night sweets, shopping at Target, eating Chipotle, driving around with the windows down, and lounging on the couch! I would say that it was a successful first weekend of the semester :) 

Here are my Friday and Saturday night outfits:

//Skirt: Nordstrom// Shirt: Gap// Vest: Dillards// Boots: Audrey Brooke// Monogram Necklace: Gifted//

//Shirt: H&M//Necklace: White House Black Market//Red Skinny Jeans: Gifted// Shoes: Tory Burch flats//

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a relaxing holiday tomorrow :) 

xoxo, hannah

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

**WARNING: This post is probably going to be all over the place so i'm apologizing in advance!**

First, I sadly needed to pour myself some wine in order to have inspiration to write this post...kinda pathetic but i'm not ashamed! 

Secondly, I can't believe that it's Friday and that the first week of this semester is over! I actually had "put together" outfits four of the five days this week instead of wearing yoga pants, nikes, and a t-shirt! [Although it looks like I wore a lot of scarfs and stripes this week, oops]

Top left: // Shirt: Gap// Scarf: Gifted// Skinny Jeans: Miss Me// Peacoat: Nordstrom// Shoes: Tory Burch flats//
Top Right: //Shirt: Old Navy// Scarf: One of my bff's brought it back from China for me // Jeans: AE//
Bottom Left: See blog post from yesterday ;)
Bottom Right: //Shirt: Forever 21// Jean Jacket: American Eagle// Leggings: Target// Shoes: Uggs// Scarf: One of my bff's brought it back from China for me// Watch: Marc Jacobs// Earrings: Tory Burch gold studs//

Thirdly, if you haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty [saw it Sunday with my family] or Silver Linings Playbook then you should! I went and saw Silver Linings Playbook with some girl friends last night and it was great although I didn't get to bed until 2 am so I was exhausted at work this morning! [Wow, I sound old]

Lastly, I got my Erin Condren planner in the mail today [after pretty much stalking the FedEx man] and I am in love!! It was definitely worth the money and I hope I am more organized this year ;)

Sorry that this post isn't too exciting but it's Friday and i've used up all my brain power! Enjoy your weekend :) 

xoxo, hannah

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Leopard + Stripes

Today I decided to be bold and wear a leopard print scarf with a stripped sweater! 

Here is the outcome...tell me what you think :) 

//Sweater: Old Navy// Scarf: gifted// Skinny Jeans: Michael Kors// Shoes: Steve Madden//

((P.S. The right picture was taken with a simple necklace (from Deja Vu in Seaside, FL) before I decided to wear the scarf!))

Also, the weather was a little warmer today so I decided to wear my Steve Madden oxfords instead of wearing boots like I normally do! And of course I had to have my arm candy ;)

//Watch: Marc Jacobs// Flower bracelet: Forever 21// Pink and gold bracelet: Ettika//

Come back tomorrow for more :) Hope you're having a fantastic week!

xoxo, hannah

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I believe...

  • I believe that everything happens for a reason
  • I believe in laughing so much that your stomach hurts and smiling so much your jaw is sore
  • I believe in family
  • I believe in God and forgiveness
  • I believe that talking to your best friends can be the best medicine sometimes
  • I believe in wine and drinking it regularly
  • I believe in family vacations
  • I believe in using manners
  • I believe that a rude comment can destroy someones day yet a compliment can make someones
  • I believe in building each other up and surrounding yourself with people who do the same
  • I believe in love
  • I believe in organization and making lists
  • I believe people can change your life
  • I believe in finding your passion and doing what you love
  • I believe it's okay to sleep without pants in the comfort of your own home
  • I believe in accepting everyone for who they are 
  • I believe in being happy
  • I believe in mission work
  • I believe in myself and that I can do anything I put my heart to

xoxo, hannah

Monday, January 14, 2013

Love your enemies

"Love your enemies" is a tough statement for a lot of people to say...including me. My parent's always taught my siblings and I that when we were younger but let's be honest, I never loved my enemies. I'm not a person to hold grudges but that also doesn't mean that I will instantly love that person either. 

Yesterday at church with my family, our pastor was preaching on "Family Matters". After the scripture Luke 6: 27-31 was read, I decided that I was going to add loving my enemies to my New Year's Resolutions list. I am going to focus on treating others how I would want to be treated! I know it's going to be tough but life is too short to do anything but love. 

27 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.
Luke 6: 27-31

Speaking of love, I hope you all watched Sean Lowe on the Bachelor tonight ;)

xoxo, hannah

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favorite Things

I try not to be materialistic but i'm a girl so it's going to happen (and I love it when a friend gives suggestions on some of their favorite things that they use)! So, here are SOME of my favorite things that make me smile on a daily basis...some are a splurge and others are super cheap :) 

1) My lips tend to always be chapped, so Lip Macaron by MOR in Sorbet has become my best friend! My sister in law (it's so weird to be saying that!!) bought me some and now i'm hooked! You can buy it here or at Nordstrom! 

2) I have been looking for a good perfume and finally found one a few weeks ago and I love it! It's called Twirl by Kate Spade

3) Having naturally curly hair can really be a pain sometimes but now that I have found a product I like, Ion Conditioning Curl Whip, I can leave my hair curly! Not to mention, this product is super cheap! On the days I decide to fix my hair, I use the BaByliss Flat Iron to curl or straighten my hair! I absolutely love it!

4) The majority of my makeup that I use is from MAC, but my favorite is their False Lashes Mascara

5) If you have never used Philosophy products then you should :) My two favorites are the Purity face cleanser and the Amazing Grace bubble bath! I LOVE the cute sayings on them too! 

6) Tory Burch is another one of my weaknesses! You will catch me wearing my gold stud earrings almost everyday and my black and gold flats multiple times a week! 

7) Although I can't pain my own fingernails, (I'm serious...it's really bad. I tend to paint more skin than nail) I am obsessed with Essie and just take it with me to the nail place to get a polish change! My favorite right now is Smokin' Hot :) 

8) I had REALLY been needing a new wallet and couldn't find one anywhere that I liked until my mom got my sister, sister in law, me, and herself wallets for Christmas! It's a Perlina and she got it from Nordstrom but I can't find it on their website. But you can buy them here! It is the perfect size, has a lot of compartments, and holds a lot!

9) This summer when I went to the Cayman Islands with my parents, I finally got some Ray Bans! There was no sales tax and I LOVE them!!
10) Lastly, my orange Nike Free Run 2's get a lot of attention! They are extremely comfortable and definitely make a statement ;) They also get me up and working out! I got them at Luke's Locker but Footlocker has a similar pair! 

That's all for now but i'm sure I will do this again in a few months ;) ENJOY!

P.S. If you click on the bolded words then it will take you to where the product is sold :) 

xoxo, hannah