"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose."
-Bishop T.D. Jakes

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry i'm NOT sorry

YAY for a link up! Today i'm linking up with Sara, Kaitlyn, Staci, and Katelyn

Sorry i'm not sorry that I have road rage. I hate getting behind slow people (drive the speed limit or faster people), a yellow light means drive faster, and I always think the person next to me at a red light is trying to race me (I normally win...I think my parents are regretting getting me car with turbo). 

Sorry i'm not sorry that i'm ADD and can be extremely scatter brained sometimes. 

Sorry i'm not sorry that i'm really impatient. Waiting in line at the store and red lights drive me crazy! This also brings out my control freak tendencies sometimes, oops.  

Sorry i'm not sorry that I always think i'm right. I mean I am 99% of the time anyway, HA! 

Sorry i'm not sorry that i'm obsessed with the Bachelor (or maybe just Sean), monograms, pinterest, taking pictures, and online shopping. 

Sorry i'm not sorry that I can't handle being around drunk people when i'm sober...that's why i'm normally not sober! Oh and pretending like you're drunk when you're not? Yeah, not cool at all. 

Sorry i'm not sorry that I procrastinate like no ones business....only with school assignments and studying though. If I need to go shopping, I sure as hell am not gonna procrastinate! 

Sorry i'm not sorry that I get tired of hearing your boy drama and pointless stories. I mean we all have bad days and problems but hearing about it every.single.day can be a huge beating! I love you but I don't wanna hear about Susie's (who I don't even know or care to know) boyfriend and how he is ugly and that she just got out of a relationship and that he's just using her and that she's just using him for money...yeah, you get the point!

Sorry i'm not sorry that I live by the motto "YOLO" except on the days when i'm being really lazy and don't want to do anything! So basically, I do what I wantttttttt! 

Man, I feel like I just complained and talked about myself way too much....sorry i'm not sorry ;) hehe! 

xoxo, hannah


  1. That is my life motto... haha

  2. People who pretend to be drunk are annoying. There's a difference between genuinely liking a beverage and just wanting the image of being drunk.