"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose."
-Bishop T.D. Jakes

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Wow, I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! This little thing called life has kind of taken over! 

Thursday: I got to cuddle with the sweet little boy I babysit because he was sick :( My friend Loren came into town, zumba kicked my butt (as usual), and then we started the weekend early by celebrating Thirsty Thursday at Northgate!  

    Friday: Since my friend Loren was here, we slept in (after going to bed at 5 am the night before), ran errands, and prepared our bodies for going out again that night! 
    Saturday: Another day of sleeping, coffee shop studying, running errands, and going out! 

    Sunday: The craziness of the weekend had finally hit me and I wasn't feeling too hot! I spent a lot of time studying, doing laundry, watched the Super Bowl (Beyonce Bowl) with my roommates, and then tried and failed at going to bed early! 

Wow, I just realized that I spent that past 4 days going out (and staying up until at least 5am) and then recovering from going out the night before! College graduation is getting close and i'm in denial....I never want to leave!!! 

If you're a Bachelor watcher then make sure you come back for my recap of the show tonight :) 

xoxo, hannah


  1. Zumba is one of the best workouts, ever! Looks like you had a fab weekend! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend ... LOL at Beyonce Bowl!

    World According to Shia

  3. Cute photos! Looks like you had a good weekend. :) New follower via the link up.


  4. Love that red necklace!