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-Bishop T.D. Jakes

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Glimpse of 2012

January: I brought in the new year with friends at Big D NYE in Dallas! A few days later, I went with my parents to Seaside Florida to figure out where we were going to stay for my brothers wedding there in June, where the rehearsal dinner was going to be, and to relax some after the busy holidays. It was a busy few days of tasting food, exploring Seaside, touring houses, and sight seeing. It was so fun to be at the beach in January even if we couldn't get in the water! On our way home, we stopped for the night in New Orleans and I managed to make $300 in 30 minutes at Harrahs! We then ate dinner at Emeril's Restaurant which was great as always! Such a fun few days with my parents :) Thankful for that! Also in January, I started a new job at the A&M UMC Weekday School in College Station teaching 1 1/2 year olds and newborns! Some days were very trying but I loved the babies and working with my friend, Shelby!

February: February always seems to be a pretty calm and quick month! One of my highlights was going back to Dallas for a weekend and seeing my 3 of my favorite little cousins :) I seriously can't believe how big they have gotten. Love them so much! 

Also during the weekend, my sister asked me to be her maid of honor in her wedding in November!

And then my sweet dad left me a nice Valentines note before heading back to College Station! 

March: What a busy month that really flew by! 
-Parties, basketball games, baseball games, and a 5K in College Station
-The Dallas Zoo with Nico, Lucca, Max, and Meghan
-More wedding dress shopping with my sister and mom until she found the perfect one
-They broke ground on my sister and her fiance's new house in McKinney
-Some of my mom's best friends had a beautiful wedding shower for Sarah Hunt
-Meghan and I went to the Enrique concert in Houston at the Rodeo and stayed at her dad's house with her step mom and little sister, Emma
-For spring break, I went to Galveston with three other friends for a few days, celebrated St. Patrick's Day all day long with family at Top Golf and Cylone Anaya's then out with friends and my siblings that night, then spent more time with family and friends in Dallas for the rest of the break
-To end the month of March, we went to Fredericksburg for a long weekend to do some wedding planning, food tasting, wine tasting at the local vineyards, and shopping! If you haven't been to Fredericksburg then it's definitely a must! 

April: Came home for Easter break and went to Top Golf with my best friends from AC, went and saw my Memaw with the boys, babysat the kids I babysit during the summers and breaks, took Scout to the dog spa with Hay, and spent Easter Sunday in Dallas for our traditional Easter with my dads side of the family! It was another great time back home! Alex and Loren came to visit in CS for Chilifest weekend. It was definitely a weekend that I will never forget. We went out Friday night at NG then Saturday was Chilifest! We volunteered there in the morning by directing cars to where to park then we got the privilege to meet the Josh Abbott Band, Pat Green, and Billy Currington! It was a great day of country music, boots, and beer! My parents came to visit the last weekend in April and brought home some of my stuff from my apartment since I was moving out the next week for summer! We went to one of the nicest restaurants in CS and just enjoyed each others company! 

May: May was another super busy month! The month started off with finals which are never fun but I finished up on the 3rd and headed back home for summer! The 3rd was also my last day of work which was very bitter sweet! I loved seeing my sweet babies grow and change and their parents surprised us with some awesome going away presents! On the 4th, my step grandma, Lizzit, had to go to the ER because of severe stomach pain. We spent hours that night at the hospital with her waiting to hear what was wrong. A few days after, we started celebrating my 22nd birthday, which was on the 13th. We went to Pluckers for dinner and then iPic for drinks after on Friday night, I celebrated with my friends at Mi Cocina on Saturday night, and then Sunday (I shared my bday with Mothers Day) we (my parents, sister, brother, sister in law, and brother in law) spent the day in Ft Worth. We went to the Art Museum, had drinks and appetizers at a mexican restaurant (can't remember the name), and then a fun dinner at Taverna! I am so blessed to have such great friends and family to celebrate with! And so lucky to have such a wonderful mom :) The rest of the month was spent visiting Lizzit at the hospital, babysitting, and enjoying summer break!

June: We started off the month by doing a 5K for the Foundation for Fighting Blindness in honor of our little cousin, Thomas. Although it was extremely hot, it was still a great day! We also had Thomas, Lucca, and Max come spend the night with us, celebrated my sister's birthday, had a garage sale, went to a wedding shower for Sarah Hunt, celebrated Meghan and Alex's 21st birthdays in Uptown, went to a PR event for the show "Dallas" and Jesse Metcalf was there (definitely a highlight from 2012) which was such an awesome experience, celebrated the life of our step grandma, Lizzit, spent a lot of time at the pool with the little ones, celebrated my Memaw's 91st birthday, went to Seaside Florida for a week for my brother's wedding, stopped in New Orleans on our way home from the wedding, spent time with friends, and ended the crazy month by celebrating Priya's birthday in Uptown! June is kind of a blur now that I think back on it....it went by SO fast! But I really got to experience a lot that month and we gained a new member to our family...my sister in law, Sarah Hunt! Their wedding was gorgeous and it was an overall amazing week in Seaside!

July: We thought we were going to have a calm month in July but it really wasn't at all! It was fun though :) We started off the month by going to Waco to see our grandma, B. She was recovering from being sick so she loved having us there! July 4th weekend was spent at the horse races with friends then a big pool party with friends and family at our house! We went to a wedding shower for one of my sister's best friends, Jen, went to her wedding a few days later which was so much fun and I caught the bouquet again (I caught it at my brothers wedding too), went to the Chiuhly Exhibit at the Arboretum with the boys and took them to drive go carts, spent some time at Top Golf, ate at some yummy restaurants all over DFW, went to Lake McQueeney for a family reunion, and celebrated one of my best friend's 21st birthdays! 

August: We left on July 31st for a week vacation in the Cayman Islands! It was one of the most relaxing vacations I have been on and I can't wait to go back!! We swam with sting rays, ate at awesome restaurants, went snorkeling, did some great shopping, went to Rum Point, and did a lot of relaxing on the beach. So thankful that I got to go on this vacation with my parents...something I will cherish for the rest of my life!! Life was back in full swing right when we got back...we had another family pool party/grill out at our house, went out with friends to celebrate my best friend's birthday, went to a wedding shower for my sister, went to waco to see B, moved into our new cottage in CS and started school again! 

September: September was filled with decorating our cottage with my roommates, going out, studying, nannying for a 2 month old and 6 month old, tailgating, football games, celebrating my dad's 60th birthday and my brother's birthday with family, and spending time with my parents in CS when they came to visit one weekend! 

October: October was an action packed month where I had something going on every single weekend! The first weekend in October, my roommate, Meghan and I, drove to Oxford Mississippi to watch A&M play Ole Miss and to stay with our friend Ashley! It was a very long drive but so worth it! Right when we got back, I started getting everything ready for my sister's bachelorette party in Austin the next weekend! The Bachelorette party was so much fun with so many memories! The next weekend was Halloween which was so much fun! Kourtney and I were two girls from Toddlers and Tiaras ;)

November: My sister's wedding month!! The first weekend was spent going out, packing, and getting everything ready for the wedding. I was lucky and got to miss a week of school for the wedding! It was absolutely perfect and the weather in Fredericksburg was amazing! It was so much fun! I then went back to College Station for a few days then came home again for Thanksgiving break which was lots of fun with my family! After that, I got to see my bff's from AC for Texasville then it was time to start studying for finals! 

December: Studying for finals started the month off which wasn't fun, but oh well because I got to take a night off and celebrate Avani's 22nd birthday! When finals were over, I packed up and headed home for Christmas break! I went to the Live Nativity with the boys, went out with friends in uptown, went to Steph's wedding downtown, had our big family Christmas at our house with my dad's side of the family, Tacky Sweater Party at my sisters, fed the homeless and went to Taverna after, went to the barn service for Christmas Eve with the family and B, celebrated Christmas day at home in the snow and went to iPic that night, relaxed with family, and spent New Years Eve in uptown with my girls :) I can't believe that 2012 is over! It serious FLEW by but all of this recap really shows how blessed I am! 

***Sorry that this was so long! I guess it just shows how busy my life is and how lucky I am to experience so much!***

xoxo, hannah


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