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-Bishop T.D. Jakes

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend has led to an exhausted and lazy Monday (Although, I have a lot to do so I am at at a coffee shop with my friend Rachel trying to get some stuff done)!! For my weekend recap this week I am going to link up with Leeann and Sami

Friday night was spent pre-gaming (I made the best Pink Panty Droppers/Skip and Go Naked drink ever*) at our cottage with friends and then we went out to Northgate (our local bar area) for the night!
//Dress: Nordstrom// Purse: Michael Kors// Cardigan: H&M// Shoes: Nordstrom//

*The Pink Panty Dropper/Skip and Go Naked (Pinterest calls it the Pink Panty Dropper and my family calls is Skip and Go Naked): 6 beers, 1 can of frozen pink lemonade, then fill the empty lemonade can with vodka*

Saturday was one of the most lazy days I have had in a long time (I was preparing myself for going out again that night I guess). I literally stayed in my pajamas laying on the couch with Kourtney, Rachel, and Emeric all day and then went to get sushi and wine with Katie that night! I'm not a huge sushi fan but it was sooooo good! I might be addicted now :) We had a Volcano Roll, Shaggy Dog Roll, and Manhattan Roll! It was soo much food but seriously so delicious! (The picture doesn't do it justice)

//Dress: H&M// Shoes: Tory Burch Flip Flops// Jean Jacket: American Eagle//

After dinner, we headed back to my house and got ready with the girls to go out to Northgate again! It was another great night of course :) 
 //Skirt: Nordstrom// Cardigan: H&M// Cami: Target// Heels: Guess//
Sunday was another lazy day! Katie spent the night, so after she left, I literally laid on the couch with Kourtney and Meghan all day in our pajamas until I got some energy to go and work out with Rachel (even though I wasn't feeling so hot from the night before)!  

I'm glad I got to do some relaxing this week because I know this is going to be a super busy week since I leave to go skiing next week!! It's 79 degrees in College Station right now and 33 degrees in Breckenridge, Colorado (where i'll be next week)! OH and I hope you come back tomorrow for my Bachelor recap :)


xoxo, hannah


  1. Hahaha the picture of you and Meghan...what a nice photo bomber!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend, I have a love hate with sushi as well!

    new follower :)


  3. Love that skirt! Thank you for checking out my blog and following me! Followed you back ;-)